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When I tell you that I love this man… I LOVE MY BEST FRIEND! Today I honor the birth of a man that has taught me a lot about life. You are talented beyond your wildest dreams, smarter then the oldest professor, & just as crazy as a new patient in a padded room. I just thought to myself, What would my life be without him? Lord ONLY knows! I’m sure that I wouldn’t be the man that I am today. It’s funny because we are night & day in a lot of ways but the same person at heart. I love my brother @zaelynb & want the world to join me in wishing Travis “Zaelyn” Brady a wonderful birthday & I will see you next week! #IStandWithYou #ILoveYou #MyBrother #MyBestFriend #22YearsUnderOurBelt #HappyBirthday #PiscesVirgo

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